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Tools are provided allowing you a great degree of control over which parts of your image are selected for calculation, export or analysis. Left: A: rectangular and arbitrary polygonal selection outlines. B: blue channel used as a pixel-by-pixel selection mask, which can be painted manually or computed by thresholding the red or green channels (2, below). C: blue channel selection mask from B shown in isolation. D: combination of polygonal selection outline and blue selectionmask. Here the pixels were selected by thresholding only that part of the image contained within the polygon. Such selections can be extended into 3 dimensions; ImageTrak also provides automated selection functions to run through a large number of images in a z- or time-series, repeating your pre-determined selection criteria, thus greatly reducing the time required to select complex ROIs in multiple images.


Once you have selected your ROIs, you can perform statisical analyses on your ROIs:

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